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Principal's Message

It never ceases to amaze me how much the children have to offer in their unique way. Their minds are active; thought processes imaginative, and enthusiasm abundant. As Principal of the Kindergarten, I draw upon my many years of educational experience as an educator and administrator and the support of a fantastic staff of caring, talented educators to create a unique educational environment tailored for our youngest scholars. It is a privilege to be in an environment where a team can nurture and channel such... View More

Fr. Philipose Thunduvalichira CMI,

Why Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten

Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten and Playschool was started in 1986 by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), fathers, an indigenous Catholic religious congregation of India. This congregation is the embodiment of the dreams and visions of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the great educational visionary of the 19th century and the founder of CMI congregation.


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Holistic Learning
Holistic Learning
Holistic Learning
Holistic Learning
Holistic Learning


  • Using best practices of the Early Childhood Education Programme that focuses on building all domains of development.
  • Curriculum books designed by our kindergarten faculty.
  • Intellectual Development sessions with innovative learning kits
  • Promoting the concept of ‘Learning by Doing’ through all curricular and co-curricular activities.
Child friendly Infrastructure
Child friendly Infrastructure
Child friendly Infrastructure
Child friendly Infrastructure
Child friendly Infrastructure

Child friendly

  • Kindergarten’s buildings are designed as a castle of love.
  • Sensory stimulation harmony through modern & colourful interiors
  • Design structure following child safety and security
  • Child-centric facilities: Colourful play area, ball pool, multipurpose indoor courtyard& Digitalized classrooms.
Confidence Building
Confidence Building
Confidence Building
Confidence Building
Confidence Building
Confidence Building


  • An opportunity to perform at the Annual Fest among an audience of 1000+ members
  • Developing self-expression and confidence through ramp walking, fancy dress, role plays, etc.
  • Monthly Stage presentations of the class to showcase the child’s talent as an individual and in groups.
  • Regular acknowledgement through specially designed certificates and medals during various events.
  • Participation in scholarship exams & interschool competition ensures socio-emotional development.

We are dedicated to the care and education

Our Educational Programs

Play Class 3-4 Years

Our warm and nurturing Play class environment provides young children with the stability to develop confidence and independence. A play class is the first step of schooling a child must take on his road to formal education. Play classes generally admit children three years of age. The ambience at an educational institution, like play class, would be new to a child, so play class takes ample measures to make a child feel at ease. Although the purpose of a nursery is to impart education, it is found that their style of teaching could be more education oriented. Instead, nurseries focus on making children learn while they play, as this act instils personality traits like curiosity and hunger for knowledge. The breadth of opportunities and activities introduces them to the fun and adventure that awaits them as they start their learning journey. Here in KJKG, our curriculum comprises Montessori and traditional playschool methods.

LKG 4-5 Years

When a child starts Junior Kindergarten, formal education can be said to have started, emphasising writing, speaking and standard mathematics. We strongly believe that expressing their thoughts and ideas on paper motivates children to learn more. We aim to help each student become an Inquirer. Kindergarten is the first part of compulsory education, and children must go through this stage to be eligible for primary education. Kindergarten education forms the basis for further instruction, and here children are taught using a combination of play and structured education methods. In the lower kindergarten, the main emphasis is on physical, intellectual and linguistic growth. Emotional and social learning also takes place at this level. Children are encouraged to be active and can verbalise their feelings and impressions of everything around them. Most activities during the kindergarten stage are designed to provide a semblance of confidence and help children interact better. The skills acquired at this stage are transferable to the UKG level.

UKG 5-6 Years

The upper kindergarten stage is a more controlled and structured environment; children can advance skills acquired at the previous level. Children learn to read and write, and the methods used are innovative. Importance is given to phonetics and vocabulary during this period of education. Specific learning and teaching methods are available for this age group. The approach used during this period is usually child-centric. Children's attention span is limited, and our school focuses on this aspect during the Upper Kindergarten stage. The concepts learned during the kindergarten stage of education are directly transferable to the first stage of primary education.

What Parents Say

We love Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten and it's management because it provides the basic foundation to prepare our child for the challenges of the real world. Also, the role of school management and staff is commendable... View More

Nisha Tomy

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I am truly excited to mention that Kristu jyoti kintergarten was an excellent choice for my boy, Ashwin.The school and its facilities are extremely commendable.The staff is well qualified and courteous.Kids are encouraged to develop... View More

Reshmi R

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The reason of chosing Kristu Jyothi kindergarten & playschool for my daughter Aiyra Zera Anoop was with the hope of giving the best possible educational environment. As expected,the school along... View More

Sumi Sunny

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As a parent of a student who graduated from Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten, I want to express my utmost satisfaction with the education my child received at this school.The caring and dedicated teachers... View More

Dr. Sajan M G

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