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News & Events

  • New Website of Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten & Play School
  • New Website of Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten & Play School....
  • New Website of Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten & Play School....
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Fresher's Day for Play class and LKG students in kindergarten is a grand and momentous occasion marked by a warm and festive welcome ceremony. The school community, including teachers, staff, and UKG students, comes together to greet the young learners and their parents enthusiastically and cheerfully. The event made them feel special and excited about their new educational journey. The grand welcome ceremony creates a joyful and memorable experience for the little ones and fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion in the kindergarten family. It sets the stage for a positive and promising start to their early education, laying the groundwork for a successful and enriching year.

Pilleronam celebration in kindergarten is a day dedicated to the joy and excitement of young learners. The festive atmosphere is brought to life with colourful decorations, traditional clothing, and vibrant cultural activities. Children enthusiastically participate in preparing floral arrangements, immersing themselves in the festival's spirit. The day is filled with music, dance, and storytelling, where kids learn about the cultural significance of Pilleronam in a fun and interactive way. It becomes a memorable experience that fosters a sense of cultural pride and appreciation among the children, making Pilleronam a cherished and special celebration in the kindergarten calendar.

Onam celebration in kindergarten culminates an exciting onstage performance showcasing young learners' talents and creativity. The children enthusiastically prepare colourful dances, skits, and songs, bringing the spirit of Onam to life on the stage. Adorned in traditional attire, they exude joy and confidence as they perform in front of their peers, parents, and teachers. Onam celebration with the onstage performance creates cherished memories and instils a sense of cultural pride in the children's hearts, making it a particular highlight of their kindergarten journey.

Talent Time, the kids' talent festival in our kindergarten, is a vibrant and exciting event showcasing young learners' diverse talents. This special occasion provides a platform for the children to display their unique skills, such as singing, dancing, storytelling, and artistic expression. With boundless enthusiasm, they participate in various performances, supported by teachers and parents who cheer them on. Talent Time fosters self-confidence, creativity, and stage presence in the children, making them proud of their abilities. The festival promotes a positive and encouraging atmosphere where every child's talent is celebrated, and their efforts are recognised and applauded. Talent Time becomes a memorable and cherished part of their kindergarten experience, inspiring a lifelong love for self-expression and performance.

We, Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten & Playschool, the proud host of Kris KG Kids Fest - an interschool cultural competition, are delighted to welcome over 1000 participants from more than 20 schools to our campus. This exciting event celebrates the talents and creativity of young learners, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and cultural exchange. The fest features various activities, including music, dance, art, and storytelling, providing a platform for the children to showcase their diverse skills and abilities. As the proud hosts, we aim to create a memorable and enriching experience for all the participants, encouraging them to excel and learn from one another. Kris KG Kids Fest reflects our commitment to nurturing talent and promoting a love for arts and culture among young minds."

The "Leisure Trip" in kindergarten is an exciting and fun-filled adventure that allows young learners to explore the world beyond their classroom. This memorable outing will enable children to engage in outdoor activities, visit parks, museums, or other educational destinations. The Leisure Trip promotes social interactions, fosters a sense of curiosity, and encourages children to observe and learn from their surroundings. Under the supervision of teachers and staff, the children embark on a day of exploration and enjoyment, creating fond memories that enhance their overall learning experience. The Leisure Trip becomes a cherished event for the little ones, sparking their enthusiasm for learning beyond the confines of the school environment.

Sports Day in kindergarten is a spirited and exhilarating event that encompasses a range of exciting activities. The day commences with the flag-hoisting ceremony, symbolising unity and pride among the students and staff. The torch lighting ceremony creates excitement and anticipation as it officially inaugurates the sports events. A mass drill display showcases the coordination and teamwork of the children, leaving the audience in awe. Various activities and games are organised throughout the day, promoting physical fitness, healthy competition, and sportsmanship. Sports Day fosters a sense of camaraderie and celebration as the young learners participate with enthusiasm and joy. It becomes a memorable occasion, cherished by the children and their parents as they witness the spirit of sportsmanship and the importance of physical activity in their kindergarten journey.

Children's Day celebration in kindergarten is a joyous and heart-warming event where kids and teachers don white attire and wear red roses as a symbol of love and affection. The day commences with a cheerful procession through the campus, with children excitedly waving flags. A special assembly is organised, filled with delightful performances by the children, including songs, dances, and skits. Teachers also surprise the kids with entertaining acts and heartfelt messages. The celebration brings happiness and camaraderie, creating a memorable experience for young learners. Children's Day in kindergarten is a time to celebrate the little ones' innocence, curiosity, and creativity, making it a cherished occasion for students and teachers alike.

Family Day - "The Nest" in kindergarten is a delightful and inclusive event exclusively for Play class kids and their parents. The day is filled with heart-warming onstage performances where the young learners confidently showcase their talents. Parents watch with pride as their children take the stage, expressing themselves through songs, dances, and skits. The celebration goes beyond the performances, with exciting games and activities for the kids and their families to enjoy together. Family Day strengthens the bond between the kindergarten community and parents, creating cherished memories of joy, togetherness, and celebration. It becomes a special day that fosters a sense of unity and love, leaving a lasting impact on children and their families as they experience the joy of learning and growing together.

Angels Meet, the Christmas celebration in kindergarten, is an exciting and joyous event that fills the air with festive spirit. The young learners eagerly participate in onstage performances that showcase their talents and creativity. Dressed as angels, they sing Christmas carols, perform skits, and enthusiastically dance. Parents and teachers are filled with pride and delight as they witness the children's charming performances. Angels Meet fosters unity among the kindergarten community, bringing together students, parents, and teachers to celebrate the true essence of Christmas - love, joy, and togetherness. The event leaves everyone with fond memories and a spirit of celebration that lingers throughout the holiday season.

"Wonder Beats - Our Annual Day" at Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten is a day filled with joy and celebration, dedicated to recognising the holistic achievements of our young learners. The event combines scholastic and co-scholastic accomplishments, acknowledging students' academic progress, creative talents, and extracurricular achievements. The onstage celebration is a highlight of the day, where the children confidently perform music, dance, and other artistic expressions, showcasing their skills and creativity. Wonder Beats brings together parents, teachers, and the entire school community to celebrate the growth and development of our young stars. It becomes a cherished occasion that inspires and motivates the students, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their studies and extracurricular pursuits.

"GRADARIUS - Graduation Day" at Kristu Jyoti Kindergarten is a momentous and proud occasion as we celebrate the academic achievements of our young learners and bid a fond farewell to our UKG students. The day is filled with joy and emotions as the children don the graduation gown and cap, receiving their well-deserved certificates. Parents, teachers, and the entire school community gather to acknowledge and appreciate the growth and accomplishments of our little graduates. Gradarius becomes a cherished memory for our students, instilling a sense of pride and confidence as they move forward to the next chapter of their educational journey. We are incredibly proud to see our young learners in their graduation attire, ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and grace.